Foliage Continued…

After adding the rest of the foliage, I am not totally happy with the result yet.


I am not very happy with the shape of the foliage yet, but plan to correct it as soon as I can. I have a few areas I want to focus – Firstly there is not enough colour variation in everything, and it doesn’t sit nicely with the basket. I think this can be fixed by adding some more subtle hue variation in the foliage, and balancing the entire prop together a little.

I also decided, after filling the basket with foliage I may add a variety of different fruit and veg to the basket, and show the diversity of the prop.

Update: I have pushed some of the colours a little and it is definitely evolving in the right direction!

Foliage Continued…

Mini Project – Wicker Basket

Due to a lack of free time, I have decided to put the Rainforest in the Philippines project on hold as I feel I currently can’t dedicate the time it deserves. So instead of tackling something so big, I have decided to work on some smaller, more contained projects that I will be able to squeeze whenever I can.

For the first mini project, I decided to try something a bit different. I always wanted to model and sculpt a wicker basket, as I felt it would be a really interesting challenge.

Because the basket curves in a lot of different ways, I decided to start constructing a blockout using curves. I created a mesh in the shape I wanted, and then subdivided the surface. I then extracted the edges as curves. This allowed me to create curves that were perfectly equidistant.

I then extruded a circular curve along each of these curves.

Using curves meant that each of these cylinders had history, so I could manipulate the curves and modify the mesh.

I then created a rope, handle and supporting pieces, which I deformed along more curves!

I then took this mesh into ZBrush to start sculpting. I tried to sculpt as much damage in zbrush, but as the polycount was already crazy high it became difficult, so I decided I would do more in Substance Painter after.

I then baked this down as flat and as low poly as possible. I baked an alpha map to give perforations between the wicker.

After the initial bake, I decided the handle and rope were very low poly. This would be ideal for a game, but as this is a portfolio piece I decided to give the handle a bit more attention.
I then took this into Substance Painter where I textured it.


I am pretty happy with the results so far, but I decided to continue working on this to see if I could get something really special out of it. I decided I would fill the wicker basket with a variety of foliage and flowers to create a more complete prop.
I started by researching flowers that I though would work, and trying to figure out what elements I would need from each.

I started by creating Chamaedorea in ZBrush, which I then baked flat.

I then created a few repeating branches, and dressed them in one side of the basket.

The next plant to enter the basket was a cool Red Calandiva plant. I started by modelling the base mesh in Maya, which I then sculpted and dressed to create some clusters.


Mini Project – Wicker Basket