Week 21 – GameJam

This week was a really cool and useful week. The first two days involved research into the marketing and production side of game creation, taught Simon Barog of Barog Game Lab (http://barog.co.uk/projects/). It was really great to see game development from a very different perspective, and it will definitely be very useful for any of the class who plan on starting our own game studios. He promised to send on some of the information he spoke about, so I will post about them at a later date.

The final 3 days, Simon introduced us to Andrew from Spilt Milk Studios (http://spiltmilkstudios.tumblr.com/) who went through the production side of game design through the form of a Game Jam. Our challenge was to create an “art heavy arcade classic” in three days (minus basically one day for a presentation of our previous VFX project).

We had a rough concept for a space chickens style game at first (cos there’s a demand for that, right?), but that quickly evolved into a steampunk style asteroids game.

IMG_7980 (2).jpg
Space Chickens concept.

I was in charge of creating the architectural elements of the scene, and so I started by creating a modular building, that I could then deconstruct and remake multiple other buildings with it. I used UV repetition and overlap a lot to maximise the texture resolution.

The first building – containing all of the modular elements.

I then took this building back into Maya, where I deconstructed it into the modular elements that would be used to rebuild the rest of the buildings.

Modular elements extracted from the first building.

To be honest, I am not very happy with the modelling or texturing of the building, but I am happy with the variation of the buildings and the time it took to make them. Realistically, I could model 10 more buildings from the same pieces if time allowed.


Then to add further variation, I created two different sets of textures, and two different materials, using the same objects and UVs, so that even more variation could be added.


While it’s only very subtle, it hopefully adds another variation to the mix.


And here is our final game, running in engine.





Week 21 – GameJam