First Lighting Pass

The first floor of the chapel is coming together. I have decided to complete as much of this floor as possible, and test some lighting to experiment with mood. This will likely change before the finished enviornment but I think it’s worth testing out.




Because the floor is quite large, I decided to build a few modules of tiles that I thought could make up the entire floor while keeping the texture resolution high. It involved a lot of deforming and squishing, so texel density isnt 100% perfect, but I think I get away with it in most areas.

Assembly and first lighting pass:
This is a really early lighting pass in an attempt to get some mood into the environment. This will likely change a lot, but I thought it was worth getting some basic lighting in now. I decided to replace the transparent window material with emissive to give a smokey ambient light around the windows. Again, very early stages and it may change, but emissive allowed me to get the atmosphere I wanted, and saved me having to model an exterior!

First Lighting Pass

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