Corner Decals

With this scene I really want every single asset to feel sculpted, and for every single piece of the scene to get the love and attention it deserves. The obvious approach for achieving this would be to model and sculpt every single asset individually. This looks great, but is obviously quite time consuming, and needlessly expensive in engine. Thus, as a result, I decided to create a series of tiling corner decals, which can be placed on top of meshes to give the illusion of sculpting. This is not only more efficient, but it also gives a very convincing result.

I first saw this technique implemented by Leonardo Iezzi on Artstation:

I started by sculpting a few corner decals in ZBrush. I wanted these details to be relatively subtle, as the chapelle is not very damaged, but I still wanted to get the hand sculpted feel.

I then baked these high poly meshes onto flat corners with a soft edge in Substance Painter and textured them.

I then brought these details into Unreal to test them. Originally, I created the alpha chanel as a soft gradient, hoping the textures would blend nicely. While the results werent horrific, it was very obvious they were not the same mesh. So I decided to go for a much harder alpha, with masks the transition until the damage occurs.

The result works pretty well so far. I will definitely need to refine it a little, but I think the effect works pretty convincingly, as you can see from the below before and after image


Corner Decals